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Executive Coaching for Creative Leaders


Something funny happens when we become successful - one day we wake up, and the stuff that got us excited about the work is gone. You want to be building product or writing your next book but instead you’re spending your time fundraising or managing administrative minutiae. The bigger you get, the less fun you have.  

I’m here to help you change the world while staying connected to your sense of purpose and joy. To feed your ambition without becoming subservient to it.

If you’re interested in pursuing your own definition of success and want a guide along the way, let’s talk.


About Me

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I grew up overseas - Japan, Malaysia, Switzerland - and graduated with a Bachelors in math from Stanford.

My experience as a coach draws on years of leadership in the tech industry. As an operator, I’ve helped companies double their revenue year over year through metrics-driven experimentation. As a venture capitalist, I’ve coached CEOs through some of their toughest decisions. With me at your side, you’ve got a pragmatic, empirical problem solver working with you who can help you break down problems into tractable tasks and stay focused on results.

In parallel, I’ve led a rich life performing in and directing improv shows for over a decade. Years of experience working with actors has equipped me with a set of tools we’ll use to sharpen your communication skills and turn you into a powerful and relaxed communicator. More importantly, improv has given me a sense of ease with ambiguity and playfulness that have provided the secret scaffolding for my career. I push my clients to use experimentation and play as a means of testing hypothesis and coming to better solutions. Working with me, you’ll find us playing out scenarios together, embracing mistakes, and laughing a lot.


How I Work

Cheerful, pragmatic, focused

Working with me is straightforward: we’ll get on a call together between two and four times a month. Before our first session, I’ll send you an intake questionnaire to help us lay the groundwork for working together.

My job as a coach is to help you close the gap between where you are and where you want to be. Sometimes that means the two of us talk through a question you’re facing together. Sometimes that means helping you develop new habits and skills. Sometimes that means helping you build powerful new narratives about yourself. Whatever we’re doing together, we’re doing as a team: I’m here to cheer you on, challenge you, and help you tap into your own knowledge and experience.

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