About Me

Chapman Headshot.jpg

I grew up overseas - Japan, Malaysia, Switzerland - and graduated with a Bachelors in math from Stanford.

My experience as a coach draws on years of leadership in the tech industry. As an operator, I’ve helped companies double their revenue year over year through metrics-driven experimentation. As a venture capitalist, I’ve coached CEOs through some of their toughest decisions. With me at your side, you’ve got a pragmatic, empirical problem solver working with you who can help you break down problems into tractable tasks and stay focused on results.

In parallel, I’ve led a rich life performing in and directing improv shows for over a decade. Years of experience working with actors has equipped me with a set of tools we’ll use to sharpen your communication skills and turn you into a powerful and relaxed communicator. More importantly, improv has given me a sense of ease with ambiguity and playfulness that have provided the secret scaffolding for my career. I push my clients to use experimentation and play as a means of testing hypothesis and coming to better solutions. Working with me, you’ll find us playing out scenarios together, embracing mistakes, and laughing a lot.